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Tried and Tested: Tesco Mixed White Case

By Anna Spooner on 14/11/16 9:53 AM

The festive season is awash with drinks parties and reasons to get together and celebrate. Whilst it’s lovely to sip on something fizzy, there’s no doubt that it can be a little overwhelming on the system.

A great alternative is a glass of white wine which often pair far better with canapés on offer than heavier reds. It’s also crisp, frosty bliss to indulge in a glass of chilled wine whilst enjoying a hot fireside snuggle or a warming bath on a cool evening.

We tasted some of Tesco’s white wines on offer this season in their Great Whites Mixed Case (£45.50) from tropical fruit numbers from the other side of the world, to a crisp Pinot Grigio that zings as much as crunching fresh snow beneath your feet.

Breckin Valley

Breckin Valley Verdejo NV, Spain, 12.5%

Light crisp and far too easy to drink (in a great way!), this wine from the south of Spain has far more tropical notes than you might expect from a traditional Spanish white. There is a still a crisp lemony undertone that means it’s fruity and fresh.

Would pair nicely with a mild goat’s cheese or would be perfect drunk chilled as an aperitif.

Origin Chenin Blanc

Origin Chenin Blanc 2015, South Africa, 12.5%

Chenin Blanc is the flagship grape of South Africa where it can also be referred to as ‘Steen’.

This wine is not bone dry, so more fruit-forward white wine drinkers will really love it. There are notes of apple and more tropical hints, especially on the nose which make it different to the Chenin Blancs of Loire but make it great for anyone looking to experience new world at a great price.

This is a wonderful wine to pair with light dishes, and particularly chicken in light sauces or even a mild stir fry.

Cuckoo Chardonnay

Cuckoo Collection Chardonnay 2011, Australia, 12.5%

Primarily this is a fruit-forward, classic Australian Chardonnay with tangy pineapple and pleasant peachy flavours with a refreshing acidity that is not too cutting.

The vanilla and nutmeg that come through from the oak give this wine a more complex element.

This works wonderfully as an aperitif alone or would be brought to life with salmon mousse canapés.

Jacktone Ranch Viognier

Jacktone Ranch Viognier 2013, USA, 13.5%

This rich and delicious Californian Viognier hits you first with a beautiful nose of flowers and peach. On the palette it doesn’t disappoint with a full body and luscious creamy mouthfeel which goes beautifully with the peach, apricot and even tropical flavours.

But even with all this succulent fruit it still retains a fabulous crispness so will please wine drinkers used to Chardonnay and Savignon Blanc.

This would work beautifully with a Thai curry full of lemongrass or a satay chicken.

Orso Pinot Grigio

Orso Pinot Grigio 2014, Italy, 12%

Pinot Grigio is now one of the most popular varieties in the UK, and this young and vibrant wine will no doubt remind you of summers gone by.

It’s pleasantly acidic but also light and refreshing so the citrus flavours of lemon and lime linger charmingly on the palette. It’s best served nice and chilled and with a plate of fresh seafood (perhaps in Italy!) or with some grilled vegetables and chicken.

Winton Reserve Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

Winton Reserve Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2014, Australia, 13%

This blend of Semillon and Sauvignon blanc is perfect for any avid Sauvignon Blanc drinker but also very accessible for those who like something a little less tart.

There is still a wonderful citrus freshness of lemon and lime as well as an undeniable ‘greenness’ too it; that is that it has hints of green peppers and grass on the nose and some in the flavours too.

It’s light, clean and exciting and would work well with most fish dishes and salads.