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Tried and Tested – Tesco Red Wine Mixed Case

By Anna Spooner on 4/11/16 1:49 PM

The cold has set in, the first frost has fallen and the clocks have gone back. It’s the time of year where you can indulge in the simple pleasure of closing the curtains and curling up on the sofa whilst you savour a bottle of wine. And, arguably, there is no better wine to warm the soul than a rich red.

But if you’re stuck in a rut when it comes to choosing wine and find yourself buying the same bottles because you know you like it, why not try a carefully selected mixed box and see if you might find a new favourite.

We tried and testing the ‘Simply Sensational’ mixed case of red wines (£44 per case/ £7.33 per bottle) from Tesco Wine by the Case to see which tipples tickled our fancy… We hope you’ll find one to tickle yours.

Most Wanted

Most Wanted, Malbec 2015, Argentina, 13%

This is a classic and great value rendition of a Malbec. It’s got a burst of berry flavours but the spice (possibly from the oak) means it’s not sickly sweet – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s a hearty, dry and flavoursome feast that would make a perfect match (as any good Malbec should) with a good piece of steak or a beef roast.

Somehow, its freshness also implies that it might also be worth a try slightly chilled with BBQ sticky ribs in the summer… A wine for all year round.


Chateau Beauvoism Costières de Nîmes 2014, France, 13.5%

This is a full-bodied hearty wine and yet is not overbearing, making it incredibly easy drinking with or without food.

The classic spiced berry flavours that you would expect from a Rhone wine are evident, but unlike many of the more powerful Rhone wines, you won’t be bowled over by tannins.

Enjoy this with a pork chop or alternatively could pair with a rich tomato based pizza very well.

South Point Shiraz

South Point Shiraz 2013, South Africa, 14%

South Point’s Shiraz is dominated by black fruit flavours and bursting with plums and blackcurrants. As expected with this region, there can be a hint of Eucalyptus detected which many claim comes from the surrounding soil.

Don’t be intimidated by what is often a very powerful style, this is a far more easy-drinking version with smooth tannins and an almost zesty finish.

This would pair wonderfully with a lamb and redcurrant dish or light enough to drink on its own.

Piccini Supertuscan

Piccini Super Tuscan 2009, Italy, 13%

The ‘Supertuscans’ get their name from a maverick practice of grape growing originating in the Chianti region that introduced new varieties of grapes into the wines. Because of this, you should leave your expectations of traditional Italian wines at the door. This wine mixes international grape Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with the traditionally Tuscan Sangiovese.

Do not be intimidated by the smell, which is earthy and alcoholic. The palate delivers a much more velvety and elegant flavour and somewhat melts in the mouth.

It’s not as heavy in body as you would expect, so a veal ragu or a taglietelle Bolognese would be wonderful with this wine.

Mar del Sur

Mar Del Sur Merlot 2015, Chile, 12.5%

It’s easy to see why Chilean wines are taking the UK by storm at the moment with this very easy drinking, great-value red from renowned producers Concho y Toro.

Merlot has long been a favourite for Brits and this Chilean interpretation should satisfy both new world and old world lovers. The red cherry and raspberry flavours are succulent and delicately vibrant meaning that this wine that should be enjoyed young.

This would pair nicely with red meat, but would go equally nicely with a sweet and nutty Emmental to bring out the fruity flavours in the wine.

Faustino Rivero

Faustino Rivero Ulecia White Label Tempranillo 2015, Spain, 13.5%

This Tempranillo from Rioja is everything that a brilliant Rioja should be. It bursts with red berry on the nose and on the palette but it’s the slightly spicy notes from oak once you drink it that really set it apart. It’s not an old wine and hasn’t had extensive ageing, but the oak has still had a lovely delicate impact on the wine.

This could be a people-pleasing wine to serve at a dinner party with a fancy tagine or paella or even for a hearty Shepherd’s Pie on a cold autumn evening.