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US to see weed cocktail trend

By Lia Sanders on 25/02/15 11:00 AM

Cannabis infused cocktails are predicted to be the next big thing in the US, according to Bloomberg Business.

As more states legalise the herb it becomes increasingly likely that mixologists will experiment by combining THC (the effective part of the drug) with alcohol.

However, even in states where recreational use of marijuana is allowed, public consumption is usually banned, meaning that this kind of experimentation only takes place at private events.

Already “high-end” cannabis cocktails have been created, says Bloomberg. The most notable example was at an underground weed-themed dinner at Roberta’s in Brooklyn in 2012.

Drinks served included variations on the California Painkiller and the Gin Sour, made with a tincture of gin, Early Grey tea leaves and a “grapefuilt-y” strain of cannabis.

Jane West, owner of cannabis events company Edible Events, believes this may be the future of alcohol. She said: “I think there will be an entirely different way to consume intoxicating beverages in 10 years.

“I think alcohol companies will get wind of this and create low alcohol [THC-infused] products that taste like a whiskey or bourbon.”