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Whale testicle beer is released

By Lia Sanders on 13/01/15 11:00 AM

The good people of Iceland can now enjoy a beer flavoured with “sheep-shit smoked whale balls“. Hvalar 2 is made from pure Icelandic water, malted barley, hops – and one whale testicle per bottle which has been cured, salted and smoked using dried sheep dung, a traditional smoking method in a country where trees have always been rare.

Available within the country from the 24 January to the 23 February, its release coincides with the traditional mid-winter festival Thorri. During this time many people eat old fashioned Icelandic fare such as ram’s testicles, soured whale fat and rotted shark.

However, the proposed release of the beer has been controversial among conservationists with Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC)’s Icelandic whaling campaign leader saying: “The brewery may claim that this is just a novelty product with a short shelf life, but what price the life of an endangered whale which might have lived to be 90 years?”

This is not the first time the SteĆ°ji brewery has experimented with whale infused beers. Last year they released Hvalur, a beer containing whale meat which was claimed to turn the people who drank it into “true Vikings”.