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What You’re Missing Out On During Dry January

By Anna Spooner on 5/01/17 8:45 PM

Dry January, some people see it a detox – a chance to get some of the indulgence out of the system. But, with doctors and medical professionals declaring that going ‘cold turkey’ may not be as good for you as once thought, we’ve rounded up some of the things that dry-Jan has to offer…

Beefeater Image

Free Comedy + Gin = WET JANUARY

On 28th January, the team at Beefeater Gin are hosting a free stand-up gig with famed comedy producers ‘Just the Tonic’ (great name!)

The event, titled ‘The Beefeater Blues’ and hosted in the brand’s south London brewery, aims to put a smile on our faces during one of the UK’s most depressing months! Having been part of the launch of the likes of Sarah Millican and Jason Manford, Just the Tonic certainly know what they’re doing; and with Beefeater serving up a series of cocktails to match, this is not one to miss!

Get tickets here

Kyoto Distillery

Japanese Gin

Whilst the dates haven’t been confirmed yet, a nice new exciting gin is set to hit the market in 2017 – gin from Japan.

Whilst the UK have been proving rather good at gin-making; the Japanese have a good track record of beating us at our own specialisms (see whisky for more details!) The Kyoto Distillery, said to be the first gin-dedicated distillery in the country, is launching a rice spirit-based gin that will be well worth a try.

SamaiDistillery on Twitter

Samai: Cambodian Rum

Another launch with uncertain timings is the Samai rum. Said to Cambodia’s ‘first and only’ rum distillery, the beverage has hot hopes since it secured $1million (US) of funding in 2016, and we’re intrigued… very intrigued.


Dry January Beer

If we still haven’t convinced you that there is too much to miss out in January, then we can recommend a compromise. Innis & Gunn, a brewery in Scotland, have created a non-alcoholic limited edition pale ale containing vitamin C, ginseng and guarana.

The cleverly named ‘Innis & None’ is available from the brewer’s Beer Kitchens in Scotland already, but it set to go on sale in Tesco in March – will we still be Dry-Jan-ing by then?!

Pic Alan Richardson Dundee, Pix-AR.co.uk
Innis and Gunn, Innes and None Alcohol Free Pale Ale