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Whisky by-products could be used to fuel cars

By Lia Sanders on 27/02/15 11:00 AM

A renewables company has come up with a way of using whisky by-products to make biofuel.

Celtic Renewables have unveiled their first sample of biobutanol, which is made from pot ale, the yeasty liquid that is left after distillation, and draff, the spent barley kernels. It could be used to fuel planes and cars.

Mark Simmers, the Celtic Renewables Chief Executive, said: “The process we have perfected takes residues that present a disposal issue to the whisky industry and creates value by producing not only sustainable biofuel but also green chemicals and high-grade animal feed.

“The exciting challenge for us now as a business is to convert our proven technology into a multi-million pound industry.”

Only about 7% of what comes out of a distillery is whisky. The rest is waste that mounts up to hundreds of thousands of tonnes and billions of litres every year.

Celtic Renewables believe that with this technology they could create an industry in Scotland worth over £100m a year. They are now trying to get funding from the Department for Transport in order to open a demonstration facility.