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Wine News: Bollinger, Aldi and Wake boarding

By Anna Spooner on 7/10/16 2:06 PM

Big Day for Bollinger

Patsy and Edina must searching for their passports and dusting off their Lacroix after news broke this week that ‘Bolli’ have teamed up with Sotherby’s to auction off a ‘Century of Bollinger’ straight from the cellars of one of the world’s most prestigious Bollinger Champagne houses.

The auction, which will take place in New York on 19th of November, will include exclusive visits into the private caves of the Champagne house and even a recently discovered 1914 vintage – nearly as old as Patsy then…

In the Wake of Wine

Severe flooding is to wine-making what the hangover shakes is to tattoo art. So the recent deluge that swept through Adelaide causing the river Onkaparinga to burst its banks could have pretty dire repercussions.

But, in spite of the devastation that the storm has caused the local community, one creative thrill-seeker decided to strap on a wake board, grab a tractor and tear up a vineyard.

We’re not sure what the winemaker made of it, but it looks like a pretty amazing way to do a vineyard tour.

Aldi Cleans Up at the IWS Awards

 Aldi continues its streak of award winning wines at the IWSC Awards with a plethora of 14 Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

The real sweet spot came in the form of a prestigious Gold for a desert wine, the ‘Berton Vineyards Botrytis Semillon 2015’ which costs only £5.99 – the price of a Pret Sandwich… but far far tastier.

Tony Baines, joint-MD of corporate buying at Aldi said ‘Our wine range has gone from strength to strength, so much so that Aldi now sells nine bottles of wine every second and we are absolutely delighted that industry experts as well as consumers are recognising the quality of our range.’