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Wine News: Climate Change, Britain’s Growth and Brexit

By Anna Spooner on 8/12/16 11:30 AM

A bottle of Chateau Watford perhaps?

A study commissioned by Laithwaite’s Wine has demonstrated what the UK’s wine map might look like by the end of the century. The study, which was conducted by Mark Maslin and Lucien Georgeson from University College London, based its predictions on changes in temperature and rainfall and mapped these against grape varieties preferred conditions.

Davy Zyw, of Laithwaite’s Wine said ‘Thanks to a changing climate, as well as passion and expertise, we could see wine buyers from all over the world coming to taste the latest UK vintages in a few generations.’ So, it seems there might be one positive to come out of global warming!

Laithwaites Britain Wine Map
CREDIT: Laithwaite’s

Has Champagne Lost Its Fizz Post-Brexit?

This year’s meeting of the ‘Association Viticole Champenoise’ was dominated by one topic of conversation – falling Champagne sales. Champagne sales in October this year fell by 2.7% globally compared to last year, but were a stonking 21% for Germany and the UK combined.

October is normally the month that kicks-off the party pop buying season, but many believe Brexit and unfavourable exchange rates have put Brits off the famous French wine. The UK has always been the biggest Champagne drinking market outside of France, but figures have suggested that the US drank more Champagne than the UK for the first time ever!