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Wine News: Fountains, Wine Lists and Brexit Fears

By Anna Spooner on 20/10/16 11:30 AM

The Godfather of all Fountains

A winery in Italy has installed a 24-hour, free red wine fountain for anyone to come and enjoy at any time of the day. 10 weeks until Christmas… could we call it a Christmas miracle?

The winery, Dora Sarchese, said its ‘fontana del vino’ (which works like a normal water drinking fountain) was designed for anyone to use but had the pilgrims of the Cammino di San Tommaso in mind. It also said that the fountain was not designed for people to get drunk.

Find out more about the fountain here (nearest airport is Pescara… see you there!)

 Whining about Wine Lists

Restaurant critic Jay Rayner has popped his cork at expensive wine lists this week. Speaking at the Cheltenham Literary Festival he confessed what many of us are thinking, that wine lists are often pretentious and over-priced. (Not to mention written in gobbledy-gook if you don’t know what you’re looking for!)

Rayner confessed, “I refuse to be intimidated by a wine list. Wine lists are fraught with problems but mostly because of the b******t spouted by wine connoisseurs. They irritate me profoundly.”

Go Jay!

Brexit Fears Realised

Run to the tills! You may want to stock up on some of your favourite wines this week as several indicators have shown that prices of wine would rise for UK consumers. With imports making up 99% of wine consumed in the UK it’s no surprise that a weak pound is going to do a bit of damage and there is no denying that this could be worse than #MarmiteGate.

Rosie Davenport, drinks industry analyst said, “Sterling’s 15% drop against the Euro means the cost of importing wine has gone up by £413million.” Analysts expect that these costs will have to be passed onto consumers. In fact, it’s already happening, with Naked wines confessing to customers last week that they should expect a 5% increase on around 50% of their wines.

Some of the examples of expected price increases from branded favourites include:

Carta Rioja Gran Reserva

Campo Viejo Rioja

Canti Prosecco

Dino Prosecco