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Wine News: Guzzle Buddies, Cheese and Wine and Bad Weather

By Anna Spooner on 22/10/16 10:00 AM

The ‘Guzzle Buddy’ Launches

Courtney Cox’s post-Friends foray into sitcoms, was somewhat of a cult hit and referenced wine drinking a LOT. One of its popular jokes was the lead character’s ever-increasing wine accessory collection and one such item is now available to buy.

The ‘Guzzle Buddy’ (classy name) can be put into the top of the bottle and essentially turns a whole bottle into a glass…

The moto ‘plug it and chug it’ has probably got wine and health bodies shuddering since ‘chugging’ a whole bottle of wine in one go is ¾ of a woman’s weekly unit allowance and most certainly comes under the ‘binge drinking’ category. (We might still ask for one for Christmas though to see the look on the in-laws face!)

Guzzle Buddy - Credit Amazon
Guzzle Buddy – Credit Amazon


Can’t Go Wrong with Wine and Cheese

It seems that you actually cannot go wrong with wine and cheese.

Researchers at the Centre for Taste and Feeding Behaviour in Dijon have found that cheese improves the enjoyment of wine, full stop. Of the 31 wines and four cheeses tested, there was no negative impact of the cheese on the wine.

Great news if by the time you get to the cheese course you’re pulling out the sub-par plonk that’s been on the wine wrack since you got it as a bad office Christmas present last year.

Wine and Cheese

War of the Wines

Floods, droughts, epic storms. No, that’s not a description of 2016s latest blockbuster disaster movie. Sadly, it’s a description on the 2016 vintage.

This year has seen such extreme and unforgiving weather that producers are estimating staggering drops in their wine production. Argentina (which is also affected by a wind that comes every 4 or 5 years) has estimated -35% production this year; South Africa -19% and France -12%. It’s expected that, due to these lower yields, the global price of wine will increase by around 5%.

What that really means is… bad weather = less wine made = high prices = unhappy wine drinkers. Whether or not you believe in the science behind global warming, that’s one equation that won’t be received well.