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Wine News: Vandals, Hangovers and Chinese Takeovers

By Anna Spooner on 14/12/16 11:30 AM

Vandals Ruin Half a Million Euros of Wine

Vandals have broken into the Conte Vistarino winery in northern Italy and drained £420k worth of wine.

The trespassers reportedly broke into the centuries-old estate and released hundreds of thousands of litres of wine into the drains. The wine was predominantly Pinot Grigio, and according to Ottavia Giorgi di Vistarino, the countess who runs the family winery, the damage is worth 500,000 euros and is the equivalent of around 400,000 bottles of wine.

An investigation is underway and we all hope they catch them soon. What a waste!

Conte Vistarino - Credit contevistarino.it
Conte Vistarino – Credit contevistarino.it

Why Does Red Wine Make You Hungover?

American company, Vinepair, claimed that there are three things in red wine that will give you a headache, and contrary to what many believe – it’s not sulphites.

Apparently, tannins, sugar and histamines are the pesky things causing you to feel a little worse for wear in the morning – and sometimes in the same evening.

The company recommended working out which of these affects you most and one way they have suggested is to brew a tea bag (with no milk) for around 10 minutes, drink the tea and see if it gives you a headache. That way you know if you’re susceptible to headaches from tannins.


Chinese Set to Take on France

The Chinese appetite for wine doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing as we hear that Jiuxian, one of the country’s biggest online wine retailers, has set its sights on plot in Bordeaux.

The retailer and undisclosed partners have raised funds to buy a Bordeaux château worth around 10 million euros.

Whilst the exact château hasn’t been confirmed yet (or possibly even found!), no doubt the retailer will use the connection to import directly into China where consumers have found the flavour for one of the world’s favourite wines.