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Wine News: Wine Condoms, Women Outdrink Men and Miraval Updates

By Anna Spooner on 28/10/16 11:30 AM

Wine Condoms… Yes, You Heard That Right

Okay, ‘condom’ is a pretty disgusting description of what is essentially a ‘wine saver’.

Gone are the days of ramming a cork back into a bottle with brute force, scrambling to find a stopper or spoon. This little sock simply goes over the top of the bottle and creates a water tight seal and stops any further air getting into your wine – giving you a precious extra few days.

What’s more, the bottles can be laid on their side (although watch out because that will give you more aeration!); and, contrary to what you may have learnt at school, these condoms are reusable.


Wine-hour Means Women Out-Drinking Men

 The British Medical Journal has released findings that suggest women’s drinking habits might be catching up with those of men for the first time ever.

The study of four million adults has found that the rise of ‘Wine O’clock’ and the normalisation of daily drinking in females is likely to blame for the increase. It even suggests that women born after 1981 might even be drinking more than their male counter-parts.

Overall, the study showed that more needed to be done to combat alcoholism in women.

Women outdrinking men


Pitt and Jolie still on Miraval label (for now…)

The wait is finally over. After weeks of speculation and ‘will they, won’t they’ it’s finally confirmed that the names of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will remain on the Miraval bottle for the 2016 vintage.

The wine, which has received critical acclaim since its launch, is owned by Pitt and Jolie and run by The Perrin family of Château Beaucastel. The Jolie-Pitts bought the property for $60 million in 2008 and since news of their divorce broke there has been much discussion as to whether they will sell up.

For now though, we can continue to enjoy their scrummy rose for another year.

Miraval 2016 Label