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Wine News: Wine Dispensing Fridge, UV Fining and Fortified Sales Slump

By Anna Spooner on 23/12/16 11:30 AM

Blogger Creates Wine Dispensing Fridge

Blogger Claire Potts has sent social media into a frenzy by adapting her fridge to dispense wine instead of water.

The pictures, posted on Twitter, have received nearly 200,000 likes and have had people calling to fridge producers to consider making this a more ‘official’ feature.

Claire invented the contraption by simply filling up the water dispensing feature in the door of the fridge with her favourite white – genius.

UV Light Could Spell New Age for Vegan Wines

A Swiss company, Vino Flux, claims to have developed a new technology that could smooth harsh tannins without fining.

The new technology, which uses exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light would be welcome news to vegans who are often restricted by their wine choices since most fining agents used in wine production are animal-based proteins.

The company is currently trialing the product across 150 wineries in Australia.


Fortified Wines Take a Sales Hit

Sales of fortified wine are continuing to fall according to a new study the Wine and Spirits Trade Association (WSTA). The term ‘fortified wines’ includes sherry, port, vermouth and madeira and saw an overall decrease of around 7%

Sherry sales fell to just 10million bottles last year in the UK whereas these had previously been at 22million in 2005. But sherry and tapas bars are helping a little bit – finer and drier styles typically associated with Spain are in vogue, but grandma’s ‘Bristol Cream’ styles are the ones falling out of fashion.