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Wine spray invented for Beaujolais Nouveau

By Lia Sanders on 25/11/14 3:00 PM

Drinking wine straight out of the glass can be such a bore. But one ad agency has come up with an innovative way of enjoying wine by spraying it directly into the mouth.

Every year, as part of Beaujolais Nouveau Day, advertising company McCann Vilnius invents a humorous product.

Called Bouche bée, meaning “mouth wide open”, the spray’s floral packaging makes it look like a breath freshener.

The company even released a tongue-in-cheek statement:

“It shouldn’t come as a surprise that advertising people love drinking or, as we call it, tasting. Sadly, it’s not safe for work, so we created this ingenious wine packaging that looks like mouth spray.

“It not only hides your alcohol conveniently, but also helps you to discover the best part of Beaujolais, its distinctive smell, reminiscent of freshly picked flowers.”

Last year, the company packaged the wine in a paint tin, with a diagram on the back to show how teeth would be coloured by drinking the wine.

Traditionally, crates of wine were rushed to cities across the globe for Beaujolais Nouveau Day. The red wine is bottled at the end of harvest before being released a few weeks later on the third Thursday of November.