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Ale or lager, stout or bitter, beer comes in many varieties. It has been around for at least 7000 years, making it an older invention than the wheel. Some might call it a more important one as well. Brewing has evolved over the years from the bread-based beers of ancient Egypt to German-style lagers and artisanal craft ales popular today. Small-scale domestic brewing gave way to mass production in the nineteenth century, while microbrewing is resurgent in the twenty-first. As beer itself has changed, so have the ways to buy beer. These days you can order online from the comfort of your living room.

Where is the best beer from?

Many countries would claim their own beers to be superior. Belgium and Germany have brewing histories that go back centuries. Beers produced in Belgian monasteries were some of the first to be widely sold and distributed. In Britain, the proud tradition of cask-conditioned real ale has produced a diverse range of quality beers. More recently, breweries in the US and elsewhere have re-invented traditional brews and brought them to a new audience. There are any number of countries which make great beers in many different styles. Even where there is little tradition of brewing, microbreweries and small brewing companies are popping up to bring new beers to the market. In truth, there is good beer to be found in a lot of countries, which is why our top beer brands come from all over the world.

Where to buy beer online?

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