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The actual word ‘lager’ comes from the German word for storage, which explains the lager production process. Lager is beer which is fermented and stored in cool temperatues, and today is the most commercially viable beer in the world. Cold storage of beer, or ‘lagering’, in caves was popular in medieval times. However, in 2011 it was discovered by researchers that Saccharomyces eubayanus, a yeast native to Patagonia, is responsible for creating the hybrid yeast which is used to make lager. This hybridization process didn’t emerge properly until the fifteenth century. Then came the age of refrigeration, which made it possible to brew lager all year round. The first large scale refrigeration tanks for this purpose were installed in Gabriel Sedelmayer's Munich brewery by Carl von Linde in 1870 Today pale lagers such as Bock, Pilsner and Märzen are the most widely consumed and commercially available types of beer in the world.