Top Champagne Brands

Champagne is synonymous with celebration, and when the champagne being used is not great, the celebration mood may fizzle out. Champagne is the king as far as sparkling wines go. The soil, climate and topography needed to produce the ideal champagne are critical, which is why not all champagnes taste the same. Fortunately, you are not going wrong with any of the following brands of champagne.

Moet & Chandon

Moet and Chandon

Moet & Chandon is considered the best champagne in the world by many, which explains why it sells the most. The champagne brand has often associated itself with big names from the showbiz and sporting world, which includes Roger Federer and Scarlett Johansson. With updated winemaking infrastructure, bigger reserve wines amounts, a new cellar master, and lower dosage levels, this champagne brand’s quality is constantly improving. No wonder the brand sells 30 million bottles every year.

Veuve Clicquot

Veuve Clicquot

Veuve Clicquot is one champagne brand that you would have likely come across at high-profile parties, on social media sites, and also in song lyrics. Comprising pinot noir (50 percent), chardonnay (30 percent) and pinot meunier (20 percent), the brand has manage to impress the taste buds of millions of people the world over.

Nicolas Feuillatte

Nicolas Feuillatte

Nicolas Feuillatte is one of the most popular champagne brands in France, which speaks volumes of its quality. The brand is equally popular outside France too, invariably making it into the top three of most ‘top champagne brands’ lists. Unlike most other brands mentioned here, Nicolas Feuillatte is a fairly recent entrant to the champagne world, having set shop only in 1976. However, that hasn’t stopped the company from marching ahead of its competition in almost no time.

G.H. Mumm

GH Mumm Champagne

G.H. Mumm is probably the most glamourous champagne brand on this list, for it has Usain Bolt donning the chief entertainment officer hat. The champagne brand primarily focusses on terroir-steered quality in each bottle. Also, reserve levels have changed over the past few years, adding more complexity to every bottle. Moreover, 10 fresh foudres have made their way into the winery, which would come in handy during the aging process and facilitate increased oxygen exchange.

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Laurent Perrier Champagne

Founded in 1812, Laurent-Perrier is an iconic wine house. The assemblage, which is dominated by chardonnay, requires 43 months to age on the lees. This amounts to bready, toasty flavors that are also fresh, balanced and light. Also, the champagne comes with minimal calories, which has made it quite popular among celebrities.


Taittinger Champagne

Taittinger is a family-run brand of champagne. Like Ruinart and Laurent Perrier, Taittinger’s chardonnay blends (40 percent) sets it apart from the competition. During times when other champagne companies are lowering dosage, Taittinger has instead chosen to come up with a sweeter cuvee that caters to folks who fancy partying late night.


Pommery Champagne

Madame Pommery started the champagne business in 1856 after a successful stint with wool. Pommery sees annual sales around the five-million-bottle mark. The comparatively lower number is courtesy the company’s more region-specific business model. With plans to spread its wings wider in the future, the revenue is likely to go up. Not to mention, the bright blue packaging makes the label extremely recognisable.


Piper Heidsieck Champagne

Piper-Heidsieck is Marilyn Monroe and Marie Antoinette’s favourite brand of champagne. The brand is viewed as an iconic luxury brand and is well-received within the luxury and fashion lifestyle circles. The blend, which is pinot noir-dominated, offers a well-balanced, toasty mouthfeel.

Lanson Black Label

Lanson Black Label Champagne

Lanson Black Label seamlessly blends chardonnay and pinot noir. Founded in 1760, the wine house owns vines spanning more than 500 hectares in Champagne, which makes accessing the perfect grapes from the right plots easy. By the way, the champagne is refreshing, clean and has great aging potential.


Canard Duchene Champagne

Canard-Duchene is a reputed champagne brand that’s affordably delicious. This Ludes, France-based wine house has been making champagne since 1868. With the blend dominated by red grapes, the champagne has a prominent structure and fuller body.