Buy Sparkling Wines

There are plenty of sparking wines to choose from, with quality bubbles being made all over the world. Cava is Spain’s offering of fizz, the Italians sip on Prosecco and Moscato d’Asti, and other French sparkles are known as Cremant. The bubbles are brewed during a second fermentation process. Extra sugar and yeast is added to the wine, which converts into carbon dioxide. This process can either take place in the wine bottle, or in a special fermentation tank, depending on the wine maker. They are categorised as Extra Brut (pronounced broot), Extra dry, Sec, and Demi-sec depending on the sugar levels. Australia, New Zealand and the U.S are other strong contenders in the sparkling market, offering varieties at competitive prices, making sparkling wine a treat not just for a special occasion, but for any day of the week.