Sparkling wine is the best drink for all occasions be it a family gathering, a New Year or a party. Sparkling wine is known for the hoppy bubbles which are seen at the top after you pour it in a glass. It is known and made worldwide.

This is a guide about the widely known brands of sparkling wine and all the details of wine tasting. The article will discuss all of them from Champagne to Sekta.

The Process of Making Sparkling Wine

The best feature of this wine is the hoppy bubbles therefore the wine has a special way of being produced. For it to be produced, there are two fermentation stages that take place. During the second step it’s when the bubbles are produced. There are many ways of producing sparkling wine but the most known are two methods.

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Traditional Method-after the first fermentation, another step is done where sugar and yeast are added in a bottle. It produces tiny bubbles and mostly is used to make Champagne.

Tank (Charmat) Method- for this method, the last fermentation happens in a big steel tank hence creating larger bubbles. It is used to make some wines like prosecco.

Types of Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wine can be a little confusing especially for beginners. This is the ultimate guide that will help you choose the best wine for tasting. We will give the details about the best common brands of sparkling wine.

Champagne - This is the most famous brand of sparkling wine. The best Champagne has to be from Champagne, France. This is because every sparkling wine isn’t always Champagne. There are so many brands of Champagne and it is great for a variety of moments or occasions. Champagne has small bubbles that are fruity but it isn’t necessarily sweet.

Prosecco - it originated from a village that it is named after in Italy. The tank method is the one that produces this type of wine hence it has larger bubbles. This makes it an addition to cocktails. This wine is produced using Glera grapes giving it certain sweetness.

Cava - this sparkling wine originates from Catalonia, Spain. The production method used is the traditional method. It is made from Macabeo, the Spanish grape. This gives it a fresh lemon flavour. Xarello grapes which have aromas of citrus and pear can also be used to produce cava. However, it is less sweet than prosecco.

Cremant - this is a sparkling wine produced in a number of areas in France like Loire, Burgundy and Limoux. Cremant is made through the same traditional method used to make Champagne. Cremant has different flavours but mostly it has a creamy-like taste.

Sekt - a sparkling wine from Germany and it doesn’t have that much sweetness and the alcohol level is as low as 6%. This wine can be made using either the traditional or tank method. Sekt has a very ordinary acidity and fruitiness.

Rosé - this wine comes in pink varieties and a fruit-like smell. The flavours used are strawberry, honeydew, rose petal, citrus and rhubarb. Although it is mostly made in France, it can come from several places in Italy and even California.

Dryness levels of Sparkling wines

There are mainly four dryness levels. This is a list of the levels of dryness levels with the first being less sweet than the last.

  • Extra Brut (0-6 g/l)-this is driest and Cava is one example and is best taken with French fries, sashimi and oysters.
  • Brut (0-12 g/l)-it is dry but has a little sweetness. Champagne is this type of wine and it is best with scallops, cheese or mushroom risotto.
  • Extra dry (12-17g/l)-it has certain sweetness left after the fermentation. It is not dry than the two above, good example is Prosecco and it goes best with appetizers.
  • Demi-Sec (32-50 g/l)-this is a sweet type of wine mostly taken with dessert. Some types of Champagnes can be demi-sec. It can be taken with dark chocolate, cheesecake or strawberries.

Choosing Sparkling Wines

Choosing the best sparkling wines especially for beginners can be confusing because there is such a wide variety. You should choose according to the best quality and your preference depending on the taste and dryness. You can get some of the best quality sparkling wines like Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV Champagne or Marques de Caceres Rosado Rioja Spanish Rose Wine by ordering at Bring A Bottle.