Cider Tasting Guide

Our mouths are unique and assist us in tasting various flavours in food and drinks. The tongue is divided into different parts that help our palates indicate various tastes this includes sour, bitter, and sweet among others. The cider is among the drinks that have a sharp taste which our tongue can immediately distinguish.

Main things to know about the cider

A cider is a beverage that contains alcohol; it is made by fermenting the juice produced by apples. Although it can be found worldwide, its origins are in the UK where it is popular. In addition to this, the UK consumes the most cider globally and it has the largest companies that manufacture the drink on a large scale. Cider is also well-liked in Commonwealth countries and its previous colonies which include France, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Italy. In Europe, a variant of the cider called Afelwein is produced in Central Europe. It is not only cider apples that can be used to make the drink but, they are known to be the best. A variant of the product manufactured by fermenting pears is called pear juice. There is also the growing trend of mixed fruit ciders that contain various fruits. The apples are fermented by adding sugar to them. The start of the second stage of fermentation always dictates that you add sugar and more fruits to increase the ethanol content. The alcoholic percentage of the cider varies in different regions that it’s produced. However, the UK law dictates that it should contain a minimum of 35% fresh or concentrated apple juice. Moreover, there is a cider advocacy group that says that the real cider should have a minimum of 90% juice. All the countries where it’s produced dictate that the cider should at least contain apple juice.

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How to sample/taste the cider

Cider has varying tastes and appearances, the colour can present itself as brown, light brown to colourless. In addition to this, it can be categorized as sweet to dry and also sparkling or a more traditional darker brand that is still. The different types of fermenting, pressing and filtering bring about all the varying tastes and appearance in cider. However, most people prefer the sparkling and clear variation of the cider because it tends to be sweeter and refreshing. The black cider tends to have a stronger taste that has a distinctive apple taste which is drier. This kind of cider is made on a small scale under traditional conditions. Generally, the traditional English cider has a higher alcoholic content and its drier. The French one tends to be sweeter and it contains less alcohol most probably because of the apples that are available in that area. Various other kinds of ciders are also made in different countries depending on the type of apples that they have. Ciders can be further divided into modern ciders, heritage ciders, and specialty ciders. Modern ciders tend to have low alcoholic content and they are typically sweeter. These types of ciders are also lighter. They tend to have a stronger aroma of apples and they have a distinctive flavour of the fruit. Heritage ciders are darker and they are made of cider apples and culinary apples. Specialty ciders have a variety of other ingredients and fruits added to them, this depends on the brewer’s taste.

Where should beginners start with the cider?

Beginners should ideally start with learning the different kinds of ciders. In addition to this, they should select the alcoholic content of the ciders prior to purchasing. The Bring a Bottle company supplies various ciders: Pear Cider and Mixed Fruit Ciders and beginners may choose their preference. They stock popular Mixed Fruit ciders that originate from Sweden, though they contain other fruits such as lime and strawberry that have an apple cider base. The pear cider they stock is also sweeter than the apple one. In addition to this, the company stores variousciders like Rekorderlig Passion fruit cider, Strongbow Dark Fruit Cider, The Bulmers Original Cider and Rekorderlig Strawberry Cider among others.