Buy Mixed Fruit Cider

Mixed fruit ciders offer a twist to the traditional cider flavour, and are deliciously refreshing. They are the perfect drink for a hot summers night. The distinct fruity overtones overpower the cider taste, reaching out to a wider palette of fruit lovers. They tend to have an alcohol volume of around 5.5%.Fruit ciders are still a relatively new addition to the British alcohol scene. However, in 2012, mixed fruit ciders became the UK’s most popular drink, and were the fastest growing alcoholic drink sector, which is currently worth more than £113m.
Today there are more than 30 different varieties on offer, including cloudberry from Scandinavia, elderflower and lime and berry fruits. Brands such as Mangers, Kopparberg and Reckorderlig have succeeded in turning this fruity tipple from a summer favourite into a year round drink. It is best served over ice.