Buy Pear Cider

Pear cider is very similar to apple cider and is made in the same way, but with pears instead of apples. It has a smoother, sweeter taste that is generally less sharp than apple cider. Pear cider is traditionally known as ‘perry’, which was originally perceived as a ‘yokel’ drink favoured by people living in farming communities. Pear cider comes from different pears that you wouldn’t want to eat; they are smaller, harder, and more acidic. Pear cider first became popular when the Brother’s Cider company started selling pear cider at Glastonbury festival in 1995. Then followed the cider revival, promoted largely by the Magners brand. The initial cider explosion was all about apple, but when other brands such as Bulmers, Gaymers and Kopparberg started to get involved, the popularity of pear cider grew to new levels. The slightly sweeter taste means it appeals to younger drinkers, or to those that do not enjoy the strong taste of alcohol. More than 10 years on from Brother’s Cider’s success at Glastonbury, it continues to appeal to audiences of all ages today.