Top Cider Brands

Cider is a very popular drink throughout Europe. Made from fermented apple juice, this drink has low alcohol content and is drunk on all occasions. The origin of the drink is quite old and is available today in a wide variety of different versions. The UK is the biggest market for cider and has some of the best cider brands available in the market.

Aspall Cyder

Aspall Cider

The company was established in 1728 in Suffolk by the Chevallier family, under whose control it remained until 2018. You can enjoy a variety of different flavours by Aspall, including spiced cider and cider made with blackberry liqueur.

Black Star

Black Star Cider

The Star Cider brand is brewed by Brookfield Drinks and originated in Somerset. It originally produced white cider under the brand White Star. In 2015, the company brought out Black Star cider, which is a more full-bodied cider blend.

Blackthorn Cider

Blackthorn Cider

Another Somerset brand, Blackthorn Cider underwent a change in 2009 and changed its recipe. After a public backlash, however, it brought back the original cider under a different brand name. If you like dry cider, then this is a great choice. The drink is made with bittersweet cider apples.

Brothers Cider

Brothers Cider

This cider brand was started by the four Showering brothers, who originally sold the drink at the Glastonbury Festival. The drink is made with pear juice and is actually perry, not cider. However it is marketed as 'pear cider'. You have a number of options in flavours, including strawberry, lemon, and toffee.

Burrow Hill Cider

Burrow Hill Cider

This is another Somerset brand and is made using traditional methods. The brand uses a variety of vintage cider apples to make the cider. You can also try out their perry and ice-cider. Their apple brandy is also a good option.

Top Cider Deals

Frosty Jack

Frosty Jack Cider

Though mass-produced, Frosty Jack is one of the UKs top-selling brand. This sparkling cider originates from Worcestershire and Herefordshire, where Aston Manor has its orchards.

Gaymer Cider

Gaymer Cider

Named after the Gaymer family, it is believed that the Gaymer Cider has been in production since the 18th century. One of the most famous brands you should definitely try out is Ye Olde English, a dry cider that was sold during the Second World War.

K Cider


With 8% alcohol content, it is one of the most potent ciders available in the UK. You can easily identify the brand with its distinctive scarlet K on a black background. This medium-dry drink is also mass-produced.

Kingstone Press Cider

Kingstone Press

Originating from Worcestershire, Kingstone Press Cider comes in three flavours: apple, pear, and wild berry. All three are highly popular and are worth trying out if you are a cider afficionado.

Strongbow Cider

Strongbow Cider

You can choose from a variety of flavours including apple, honey, elderberry, blackberry, and red berries if you try out Strongbow Cider. This dry cider, mass-produced produced since 1962, is popular throughout the world.

If you are a cider-lover, you ought to be able to find something you enjoy among these brands. With new innovations taking place regularly, the cider market is only getting more and more interesting for consumers.