The Top Fortified Wine Brands

What are fortified Wines? And what are the best Fortified Wines available? A fortified wine is a wine with added distilled spirit, for example brandy. This article will look at the top brands of fortified wine in detail.

Stones Original Green Ginger Wine

First Produced in 1740, this is the best known ginger wines on the market. Used in cocktails and cooking as well as in other ways, including mixed with lemonade or whisky. Made with ginger root and raisins, it is a strong taste and not to everyone's palate, but nonetheless popular and often used at family gatherings and on special occasions. Best served chilled.

Cockburns Special Reserve Port

First created in 1969, this port gets its peppery taste by being made from the finest grapes and brewed for an extra long time in seasoned oak barrels. The long seasoning in wood means it is ready to drink as soon as it is bottled. Ripe and vibrant fruit taste with a slight hint of pepper and spice. A smooth sherry as a result of good aging and nicely balanced. A good dessert sherry.

Gonzalez Byass Tio Pepe Palomino Fino Sherry

This Spanish sherry is extra dry white, very crisp and very popular. Aged for up to five years. This is best served chilled and ideal for drinks before or during a meal or BBQ, refreshing on a hot summer evening. The bouquet is nutty, and the taste is nutty and citrus.

Cockburn's Fine Ruby Port

A full bodied red fruit flavoured port, dark in colour, blended from several young wines, balanced in structure, perfect for the end of a meal. Lively and versatile, it can be used for many occasions. Packed with ripe fruit flavour, this is a popular dessert wine but not limited to that. Best at room temperature or slightly cooled.

Croft Fine Pale Cream Original Sherry

A sweet, light, crisp and refreshing wine. Pale, light, but with some body to it but is also dry and light. Good taste and warming afterglow, nutty, almond finish. Best served chilled and can be used as a dessert wine or with salads, fruit, salmon, cheese and pate.

Blandy's Madeira Duke of Clarence

Made on the island of Madeira since 1811, this is a red, rich and textured full bodied drink. Described as nutty or toffee-like and sweet, and with a honey and raisin bouquet, this is an ideal dessert port for sweet desserts and cheeses. Deep brown, soft texture and very full bodied and rich.

Taylor's Late Bottled Vintage Port

The most popular UK and Canadian premium port. There are hundreds of years of tradition behind this popular drink. A ruby red, full bodied, long-aged Port, aged in oak casks and thus ready to drink when bottled. The port remains good for weeks after the bottle is opened. Fruity bouquet with fresh berries and cherries, and a hint of spice and liquorice, with a dark fruity taste and good balance. Ideal for more informal gatherings.

Dow's Master Blend Finest Reserve Port

A ruby red Portuguese oak matured wine with an intense fruity flavour and hints of vanilla, smooth and slightly smoky and spicy. Ideal with dessert courses such as cheese and biscuits, cake or dark chocolate, also paired with beef as a main course.

Graham's Late Bottled Vintage Port

Award winning and deep ruby in colour, with a blackberry bouquet, this is another popular Portuguese red wine, matured in seasoned oak barrels for four to six years, this port is ready to drink when bottled as a result of its long maturing in oak, and is an ideal dessert wine. Rich, dry and full bodied with layers of fruit, mint and eucalyptus, this is renowned and well thought of port. Recommended to have with Stilton and celebratory meals such as Christmas Dinner.

Harvey's Bristol Cream

A Spanish sweet sherry, made by Harveys, a renowned company founded in 1796 and granted the Royal Warrant in 1895. Harveys Bristol Cream is a multiple award winner worldwide. Best served chilled. Harveys is deep amber in colour and is a deep and rich taste with a slightly sweet and spicy feel and aroma to it. The drink is often enjoyed on its own or optionally served with lemonade or fruit. The blue Bristol Cream bottle is easily recognized and well known.

This selection of fortified wines is unmissable! There is something for everyone and something for every occasion in this mix, so browse, and pick out something suitable for your special occasion, try something new, be adventurous, be inspired!