Buy Red Wine

Knowledge dictates that the origins of wine actually predate history. Grape seeds were found in Stone Age caves, and many grapes left for long enough will become wine.

What we do know for sure is how it is made, and how to enjoy it! Interestingly, red wine is red because the fermentation process extracts the colour from the grape skin. There are on average 75 grapes in one glass of wine. So, why should I drink it? Red wine is also considered to be good for the heart due to the presence of resveratrol, a natural anti-oxidant found in red grapes.

Lastly, how to make the most of it…Red wine should be stored at about 65 degrees (slightly cooler than room temperature). This is because if a red wine becomes too warm, some of its fruity flavour may escape. It should be swirled in the glass before drinking, since this tempts oxygen into the glass, which will encourage the aromas to escape.

Finally, it is best enjoyed with food, as when wine and food a paired together they collaborate to create a third flavour beyond what either could offer on their own.