Armenian Red Wines

Armenia is one of the oldest wine producing regions in the world. In 2011, archaeologists in Armenia announced the discovery of the world’s oldest known wine production facility. Found in the Areni cave complex, it consisted of a shallow basin to press grapes, a vat for storage and fermentation jars. The cave remains date back to roughly 6000 BC, which is 900 years before the earliest comparable wine remains which were found in Egyptian tombs. The grape seeds found to make the wine are still in use today, as well as many of the original production traditions. Armenian red wines are deeply routed in this history, and the 2010 Zorah Karasi Areni Noir, made from grapes from the Areni region of Armenia, was ranked in Bloomberg’s top 10 list. The reds are stylish and often made from the areni noir grapes, and are still aged in the traditional clay amphoras. Armenian red is smoky, silky, soft and elegant. It also has the added thrill of drinking history, and can confidently take its place on the world wine map as the most probable cradle of wine and vine.