Bulgarian Red Wines

Not many people remember that Bulgaria was actually the second largest producer of wine in the world in the 1980s. Today it isn’t quite producing wine on the same scale, but it has taken a turn for the better by focusing on quality, not quantity. Its thousand year old wine making traditions continue to deliver high-quality and affordable Bulgarian red wine. Vine growing and wine making have been part of Bulgarian culture since time immemorial. Its sunlit hills, fertile soils and favourable latitude provide ideal vine growing conditions all over the country. Wine is one of the most popular drinks in Bulgaria, along with rakia and beer. The country is divided into five different wine making regions, with each one offering a variety of specific local wines. One of the most popular reds comes from the Mavrud grape. The name comes from the Greek word for black, which you can see in the deep colour of the wine in the glass. Bulgarian reds not only have a delicious flavour, but a rich character and history.