Cypriot Red Wines

The Cypriot wine industry ranks 37th in the world in terms of total production quantity. Although chronologically Cyprus belongs to the old world of wine production, the industry is going through a renaissance which puts it on par with the competitive new world wine industry. The country has been linked to the culture of wine for the last 5,000 years. Ancient texts talk of the wine being used in religious rituals, and it has been celebrated by ancient Greek poets. Today, a new wave of domestic winemakers are rediscovering these celebrated indigenous grapes, experimenting with them and employing modern techniques to produce world class wines that still retain Cyprus’ ancient character. Today Cyprus produces 37,500 tons of wine yearly. The red Mavro, Ofthlamo and Maratheftiko grapes are among the most popular indigenous red grapes in use today. All vines from Cyprus are phylloxera-free—among the few in the world that descend directly from the European Vitis Vinifera. In recent years governments have been promoting Cypriot red wines from both large and small producers, moving them from the old to new world market and making them strong contenders in the international red wine market.