German Red Wines

German red wines are gaining popularity and quality, especially those from Spätburgunder, the local name for Pinot Noir. Dornfelder is another popular variety, out of the 140 varietals that Germany has to offer. More than 11% of Germany’s vineyard space is planted with Spätburgunder, or Pinot Noir, making it the most important red wine grape in Germany as well as being the world’s third largest producer of Pinot Noir.
Due to climatic factors, red wine varieties grow best in the south, where some of the best vineyards are. They have rocky soils and good drainage, which retain the suns warmth and reflect it back onto the vines at night for optimum red producing conditions. The vineyards on the rocky hillsides above Assmanhausen, overlooking the Rhine River, are some of the best in the country for Pinot Noir.