Greek Red Wine

The Greek’s certainly know a thing or two about a good bottle of red wine, not in the least because they were making it way before other civilizations, possibly as early as 7000 B.C. Greek winemakers have managed to attract international attention for their superb wines, particularly the balanced restraint of their reds which makes them the ideal partner for lamb and other grilled foods. Greek reds are traditionally light-hued and light-bodied, but today many winemakers are branching out and are beginning to deepen the wines colour, fruit, and texture to coincide with sophisticated 21st Century tastes. Yet, they manage to retain the perfect balance between old and traditional methods, meaning that they have escaped the fate of succumbing to pressure and mass producing jammy New World style reds. Most of Greece’s reds come from Nemea, which is south west of Athens. Greece’s break out red grape is agiorgitiko. It is a typical Greek red, which is full-bodied but fruity. The native xinomavro grape is another popular choice, and is grown in northern Greece. The best xinomavros have an exquisitely complex nose and age beautifully, showcasing not just a delicious, light-bodied wine, but a drink that is deeply routed in Greek history.