Buy Italian Red Wines

There is no denying that Italy produces some of the world’s best red wine, from a deep red Chiantis to light and fruity Bardolinos. Not only do they add extra luster to Italy’s rich cuisine, but they also offer variety, quality and style to the New World wine market. One may be tempted to think of extravagant grape stomping parties when they think of Italian red wines, but there is much more to it than that. Italy has a very diverse range of wine-growing regions. The cool mountains in the northern region of Piedmont produce crisp, austere wines, whereas the sunny temperate region of central Tuscany yields lusty, full-bodied reds.
The complexity of Italian reds come from the soil, unique grape varietals, and traditional wine making craft. More than sixty percent of the wine grown in Italy is red, making the wine lover spoilt for choice.
Some important reds of note are Amarone and Barbaresco. The former is lusty, full-bodied and made from partially dried grapes from the Veneto region. The latter is lighter in body, and drinks best at 8 to 15 years of age.