Buy South African Red Wines

South Africa is a wine producer of considerable pedigree and history, and the popularity of its wines date back to the European courts of the 18th Century. French varietals tend to dominate here, along with their own indigenous grapes. However, South Africa is another country to suffer at the hands of wine merchants and large factory produced brands, meaning that their name has been tainted in the media in the past. If you avoid the low end trades then you will surely find world class red wines.
When looking for a good quality South African red it is a good idea to investigate small scale wineries rather than the big importers. Grangehurst Winery on Eikendal Road in Stellenbosch is one example, and produces some of South Africa’s finest reds. South African reds are European in style, but with added elegance and structure. They take a lot of time to make, and many remain at the winery a number of years before release, something you don’t see much of among New World produces. South African red wine is very much worth the wait.