Buy American Rose Wines

As rosé continues to grow in popularity and sales globally, an increasing number of American wineries have begun producing world-class rosé wines. Once a wine that had to fight for its respect, rosé now sells more than white wine in France and as a result is more popular in the United States. Two of the finest rosés to come out of the United States are Hamacher, rosé from pinot noir 2007 and Copain, Le Printemps rosé 2007. Many Americans wine makers make their rosé using the saignée method, where they bleed off the pinot noir juice from the grapes. It is then made in a similar vein to white wine, in stainless steel, which gives it the light pink colour with aromas of strawberry.
One of the best things about American Rosé is the price; recent interest has increased exports and you can hold of fine rosé for just over £10 a bottle.