Buy Argentinian Rose Wines

Only a few years ago, rosé wine was horribly unfashionable in Argentina. Why would you want anything other than a full bodied Malbec to go with your steak? However, today in Argentina Rosado is on the rise, and it is one of the fastest growing segments of the premium wine market. Improved methodology is the driving force behind this new interest. Previously white and red grape juice were clumsily mixed together to make a Rosado, but current methods see Argentinean wineries bleed the grape juice from a red in the early stages of vinification. The grape juice is then fermented as if it were a white wine. Argentinean rosé has morphed from a sweet sickly mess to a dry, crisp and sophisticated taste. It is most commonly made with the world famous Malbec variety, and is mainly produced in Mendoza. This gives the wine a distinct undertone of cherry and dark fruits with a similar style to classic French rosé. Certain rosés are even darker in colour, and can still be paired with grilled meats and heavier dishes such as stews.