Buy Australian Rose Wine

Australia is on track to becoming one of the world’s most prolific and highly awarded wine producers in the New World wine market. The Australian’s taste for wine is catching up as well, making their produce of an even higher standard. There are currently hundreds of grape varieties now being grown in various regions, and more and more are being introduced each year. When it comes to the Australian market, the wine lover is literally spoilt for choice. And of course the Australians have clocked onto the massive resurgence and growing popularity of rosé. Its popularity has been growing over recent years in Australia. Not surprising really, as it perfectly compliments the warm climate and laid back life style, as well as being a perfect match for a range of delicious meals.
While styles of Australian rosé vary, most Australian pinks are made in a very similar way. The main differences are from the grape varieties used, the region of origin and varying alcohol and sugar levels. In terms of different styles, Sangiovese typically produces drier styles of Rosé, with savoury cherry flavours. Cabernet Rosés offer bright berry flavours, often with a leafy, herby edge. Grenache-based Rosé has emerged; these wines tend to be sweeter, fuller and offer a vast array of berry based fruit flavours.