Buy German Rose Wine

Most of Germany’s rosé wine is produced in the west of the country, along the river Rhine and its tributaries. The oldest wine plantations date back to the Roman era. Germany currently has about 102,000 hectares (252,000 acres or 1,020 square kilometres) of vineyards, which is around one tenth of the vineyard surface of other European wine leaders such as Spain, France or Italy. Although its vineyards only take up a small space, Germany is still the eighth largest wine producing nation in the world. Pinot Noir grapes are the most popular, and along with trend more and more vineyards are using these grapes to make world class rosés. German’s call rosé ‘Weissherbst’, and it is usually made in the traditional rosé style with the Pinot Noir grapes. This gives German rosé a semi-dry style that is rich on the palate, soft on the finish and lingers with fruity flavours such as strawberry and ripe melon.