Top Cognac and Brandy Brands

This is about the top cognac and brandy brands: E&J Brandy, Remy Martin VSOP Fine Champagne, Torres 10, Hennessy Cognac VS, Martell VS Cognac, Hennessy Fine VSOP, Three Barrels, Courvoisier VS Cognac, Bardinet, and Hine. The companies featured produce a number of brands. This article deals with the main selling variety of each.

E&J Brandy

This brandy has an aroma of sugar, cider, apples, green grapes, papaya and orange marmalade. It tastes of cider, dried apricot, marmalade, prunes and raisins with hints of mince pie and moist fruit cake. Black pepper spice is also there. The flavours end with black pepper spiced oak.

Remy Martin VSOP

Remy Martin VSOP now called VSOP Mature Cask Finish has an initial vanilla aroma with hints of olive oil followed by the scent of ripe apricot and baked apple. Its taste is surprisingly thick with a mixture of vanilla and honey combined with ripe fruit with hints of liquorice

Torres 10

Torres 10 is a Spanish grape brandy make from Catalan grapes. It contains a mixture of vintages blended together over the years. It has an intense aroma of cinnamon and vanilla with the taste of a very smooth, dark rich sherry

Hennessy Cognac VS (Very Special)

It has a sweet wood and nutty aroma. It has a floral hint to its taste with a considerable amount of wood which gives way to slightly burnt spice followed by a lingering of wood.

Martell VS Cognac

This cognac has a woody aroma and tastes of fruit, toasted wood, a hint of vanilla and nuts. It has a fruity, nutty, slightly spicy with coffee and violet blossoms aftertaste. It's flavours are complex and leave an impression of caramel, vanilla, mocha coffee, cinnamon and black pepper

Hennessy Fine VSOP (Very Special Old Pale)

Its aroma has hints of lemon, honey and a touch of oak. It has a light taste of flowers, fruit, honey and spices.

Three Barrels

Three Barrels VSOP is a blend of French brandies that has velvety taste with hints of almond, walnuts and a lingering taste of candied fruits and a faint aftertaste of crystallised ginger.

Top Brandy and Cognac Deals

Courvoisier VS Cognac

This cognac is a blend of cognacs that has aromas of violets, vanilla, caramel, oak, black tea, white chocolate and honey with hints of raisins and hints of nuts. Its taste has a hint of sweetness with fresh apple, citrus, sweet spice, toffee and milk chocolate. It has a slight taste of molasses but without being sugary.


Bardinet VSOP brandy has an aroma of peach, apricot, plum and dried red fruits and tastes of autumn fruits. It's finish is swift, the flavours do not linger in the mouth whilst the taste of the fruits is mild.


Hine Rare VSOP has aromas of jasmine, fruit, spices, oranges, sultanas, chocolate and pears. It has a rich taste of molasses and toffee with ginger and autumn fruits which give way to pepper and ginger. The taste lingers in the mouth for some time after drinking.