Top Irish Whiskey Brands

Irish whiskey exports have tremendously risen over the past decade, thus making it the fastest growing worldwide. That’s according to the Irish food board. Substantial beverage giants have taken note. New brands of Irish whiskeys are released, from single malts to blends to fantastic cask finishes. Celtic tiger dominates in the whiskey category. Here are some of the best Irish whiskeys. Some are better sipped without adding anything. Some are good when mixed along with cocktails.


It is produced at the Middleton Distillery. Jameson is Ireland’s classic Irish blend. It's rich, deep amber. When taking it, the first thing a person smells is a smell of sweet pot quiet whiskey(keyword one) with toasted wood. It is unbelievably smooth. Jim Murray gave it an unbelievable 95 points in the Whiskey Bible in 2013. It is a trendy blend well known for its harmony with ginger ale. Its quality has hugely improved in the past fifteen years. Some of the whiskeys in the Jameson family include Jameson with a copper cup, Jameson crested, Jameson cask mates stout edition and Jameson select reserve black barrel. Their price ranges from 20-39 euros.


It is one of the great Irish whiskeys which best represent Irish quality, character, and tradition. Powers distillery has been in operation since 1791, and James Power founded it in the Johns Lane area in Dublin. Initially it traded under James Power, but later on, in 1809 it became a limited company. Since then it has enjoyed fantastic development and success. It is a gold label Irish whiskey, non-chill filtered and triple distilled. It was named the Irish blend whiskey of the year in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible in 2016. It is made from a combination of pot still and grain whiskey(keyword one). Its ideal label remains the same since 1791. Powers is also renown for its all-powerful aspect and full honey and spice taste. Its alcohol volume is 40%. The most common are Powers gold label whiskey and Powers John’s Lane 12-year-old.


Redbreast whiskey is the biggest selling and most dominant single pot still Irish whiskey all over the world. It is the most remarkable and correct definition of traditional pot still whiskey. Recently 12-year-old Redbreast was recognized the winner at the world whiskey awards in 2017. It has a cordial balance of cinnamon spice, sherry, rich dried fruits and toasted wood.

Tullamore Dew

It is a thrilling familiar Irish blend, especially in overseas markets. It comes second after Jameson. It is very convenient. It has very discreet blackcurrant and leafy apple nose, and a spicy soft finish. The most common brands are Tullamore dew 12-year-old and Tullamore Dew 14-year-old.

Top Irish Whiskey Deals


It is a great single Irish malt; it has a luscious character and an incredibly smooth palate. Easy to drink. It has a taste of honey yet robust and lightly spiced with vanilla and lemon citrus. Kilbeggan distilling company distills it.


The Bushmills distillery distills it. It is one of the oldest distilleries in Ireland, and it is reputable because it has been there for long. It is also unique because of its blending, malt distilling(keyword two), maturation and bottling which are all done at the same place. Some of its best brands include Bushmills original, Bushmills Black Bush, Bushmills 10-Year-old Malt and Bushmills 21-year-old Malt.

Other top Irish whiskey brands include Michael Collins, Paddy, Slieve Foy and Green Spot. Get out there grab a bottle of an Irish whiskey and the experience will be unforgettable!