Top Rum Deals

Rum originated in the 17th century when the spread of sugar-cane plantations proliferated in the Caribbean basin. The sugar cane was installed in a copper pot still to make a clear spirit from the molasses, bringing many naval ships to the area. The ships rations of beer and water were soon replaced with the longer lasting, sweeter tasting, merry making alternative of rum.Rum styles vary from the darker, caramelised rums like Pussers, flavoured rums, spiced and the traditional white, gold and premium rums. The majority of production still takes place in the Caribbean, with Latin America, Austria, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Mexico, Hawaii, the Philippines, India, Reunion Island, the United States and Canada all contending in the rum race.

Light rums are commonly used in cocktails, and ‘golden’ and ‘dark’ rums are traditionally enjoyed straight. This golden tipple is no longer just for the navy, it is now a world class beverage, which shows no signs of slowing down, with a 17% rise in global volumes predicted in the next few years.