The Rum Tasting Guide

Rum is a type of liquor made from sugarcane byproducts. The fermented distillate is allowed to age in oak barrels. There are many grades of rums;

  • White rum
  • Flavored rum
  • Gold rum
  • Black rum and plenty more.

The variations arise from how long the rum is aged and the production areas. You will find out of the basics of Rum and where you can start if you are not yet a rum lover. Rum is a story of richness in history and taste.

Differences between Light Rum and Red Rum

White rum is also known as light rum. These are filtered after aging in the oak barrels to remove any color. Thus, their flavor as you will notice is not so different from the general sweetness. In contrast, coloured rum have a particular color. The color could be red, black or brown. They have a strong flavor and are mostly used in cooking. Most of these dark ones are made in Haiti, Jamaica and Martinique. The preference of the rum taken depends on the location of residence; if you are from Jamaica chances are that you are likely to encounter dark rum. The purpose intended; for instance if you intend to use rum in cuisine then you will need rum with a strong flavor and dark rum will be the rum of choice.

Ageing, Distillation and Blending

You may be wondering why the aging, distillation and blending are important. Here is why; before you choose which rum will work best for you here are some facts you need to learn. In most countries, rum is allowed to age for a year or so. The ageing time is also determined by the climate in which the ageing is taking place. If the aging is happening in tropical climate, the ageing time will be limited as to protect the Angel’s share. Distillation also is dependent on the type of distillation. Pot distillation that occurs mainly in Jamaica or Barbados will like give red rum. Column distillation that happens in Cuba mainly will give white rum. Blending then gives consistency of the rum. You will notice that the rums will have almost the same test for the same grades of rum.

Rum in Cuisine

Rum cocktails are used in enhancing flavor in dishes. Take for instance, rum balls and or rum cakes, rum flavors it. How it commonly happens; macerate the fruit cakes in the rum and use the juice to bake the cakes. Additionally, in Caribbean countries some of their dishes are marinated using rum. You can start with the rum flavored foods.

Top Rum Deals

Where to Start

Want a full taste of the rum experience? Here are some rums you need to start. The rums are also good for rum lovers.

  • Angostura 5 year Trinidad & Tobago Blended Dark Rum; a blend of light and brown rum. The rum ages for 5-8 years in oak barrels. After growing and ageing the rum is filtered to allow removal of color and flavor. The rum is then blended and bottled. The rum is smooth, energetic and flavorful.
  • Captain Morgan Rum; probably the most popular rum brand. You could find the spiced captain Morgan rum. The rum utilizes an exceptional multidimensional of five rum marques from three different Caribbean countries. The rum uses pot distillation for the excellent rum. The rum ages in the oak barrels for 2 years. The rum is incredibly rich and smooth, with touches toffee and vanilla, with a full oaken fragrance.

So, you know the basics about rum. You know what it takes to make the best rum. Get started with your rum today.