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When the Spanish arrived in Tequila in 1521 they drank all their own brandy supply, and in pursuit of more, distilled the blue agave plant and so Tequila was born.There are over 136 species of agave. In order for tequila to be officially called “Tequila”, it must be comprised of at least 51% of the Blue Weber Agave species and it is regularly made at a 38–40% alcohol content.Tequila comes in two categories. The first being ‘100% Agave’ (quality assured) and the second being ‘Mixto’ (Agave mixed with fermented sugarcane). The 100% Agave comes with one of three labels… Silver/Blanco is clear and has not been aged in wood.Reposado tequila has aged in a barrel for a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 11.Añejo is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of a year.The lesser known (and less popular) Mezcal, by comparison, is tequila’s cousin and is produced by 5 different types of agave, not including the Blue Weber species.Tequila can range hugely in price from tens of pounds to hundreds. Although meant to be sipped slowly and the taste savoured so throw it in a shot glass with a chunk of lime and some salt.