How to Taste Vodka

Vodka is made from fermentable substances like rye, wheat, fruit or potatoes. The milled product then gets cooked with fresh and filtered water where the mixture gets heated to turn the starch into sugar. What results is a mash that is then fermented using yeast, transforming it into alcohol. Vodka gets distilled at least three times. The more it gets distilled, the higher the alcohol content. After the distilling process is over, purified water is added to obtain the desired alcohol percentage. People love drinking chilled vodka to mask some of its alcoholic heat and get a heavier, pleasantly rich mouthfeel. When it is chilled, you can enjoy all the flavours and rich texture of vodka.

The most common spirit you will find in cocktails is vodka. It is normally mixed with other drinks, making it essential to any bar. Its popularity originates from its general characteristics such as the fact that it doesn’t have any distinct flavour or smell and is clear in colour. This makes it possible for the other ingredients in the cocktail to become the focal points of the mixture. Here is a look at an instructive vodka tasting guide.

Take a Look First

When tasting a drink of vodka, hold the glass up and take a look at its clarity and luminescence. Good vodka comes with a creamy and thick texture when frozen. It might also feature a yellowish or bluish tint. Pay attention to bubbles too, which are not a result of carbonation but rather an agitation. If the drink has the right colour, it will definitely have the correct taste.

Begin with Your Nose

It is only logical that you will want to take your drink from a glass. Get the right glass for the specific drink and pour a small amount into it. Then, let your nose do the job for you. 80% of how you process a drink’s flavour is based on its aroma. The aroma of that certain drink like vodka will determine how you drink it. Freeze your drink before tasting it. Bring the glass to your nose and open your mouth as you deeply inhale through the nose. If you have a poorly crafted bottle of Vodka, you will be met with a pungent alcoholic aroma. The perfect bottle should offer you medium or heavy nasal notes. Pick the glass and swirl the drink slowly and you should be able to pick out all the medium notes.

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Taste, Spit and Sip Again

After smelling the drink, you can taste it. Take a small sip of the drink and swish it around before spitting the remainder. This is because your palate might not be ready for what you encounter. It might be a bit of a happy shock. So, it is important to prepare your palate by taking the first sip, swishing it and spitting out the rest of it. This way, your palate will be well-prepared to pay attention to the next sip. Adding some water may help in bringing out any hidden notes. Good vodka is supposed to have a soft taste; not a hard one. It should not be caustic or bitter. Also, fine vodka is not supposed to burn your palate. Cleanse your palate using lukewarm water and down the rest of the drink in the glass and pour another shot without leaving it to linger on the palate this time around. Make a comparison of the two experiences and the aftertaste. The next thing is to taste your vodka with some food such as potato dishes, fish, bread and salty meals. This helps round out all your sensations and vodka impressions. Finally, to judge a vodka drink, you will have to taste it alongside another one. The appearance and packaging also play an important role. It could either be a bottle with a cork or a twist-off cap. You need to determine how well the cap seals the bottle to help preserve the drink

Beginners can try the Absolut Raspberri vodka that is made purely from natural ingredients. Unlike other flavoured vodkas, it contains no added sugar. It is a rich and intense drink that comes with fruity fresh character of ripe raspberries. However, if they want something stronger, why not try the Triple distilled Smirnoff No. 21 that is filtered ten times. The result is strong peppery vodka that is very energising and enjoyed by many across the world.