Buy White Wine

White wine is more refreshing and lighter in style and taste than red wine and with over a 1000 varieties of wine grapes in the World the flavours are as varied as the vineyards. Although there has been a recent dominance in ‘New World’ Wine, America and Australasia, it is surprising to note that Spain produces more white wine than any other country. There are 3 main flavours in white wine; The first, Fruity flavours. The taste of bananas, apples, pears and citrus are to be expected in a Chardonnay, however the Sauterne, with its honey overtone is the most luxurious of fruity white wines, hence its nickname ‘liquid gold’. The second, Earthy flavours such as flint, steel and slate impart an austere and unique taste. Chablis, as well as Austrian and German Rieslings are celebrated for their mineral flavours. Floral wines make up the third flavour. The Gewürztraminer is the queen of the floral wine, whilst the Condrieu is made from the King of floral grapes, the Viognier.