Buy Argentinian White Wines

The image of the white wines from Argentina has suffered due to the mass produced cheap plonk featuring in supermarket deals, demeaning it of the potential of its true quality. However, the quality of Argentinean whites is up amongst the very best in the world, and they produce stunning whites at very competitive prices. Torrontes is the most notable white variety to come from Argentina, and of the total 546.602,00 acres of vineyards, 20,9% are white wine varieties. This grape only grows in the Argentinean climate, and has an unmistakable aroma which resembles roses, jasmine and geranium with spicy undertones. The first cultivation of Torrontes dates back to the time of the Spanish conquerors, and ever since it has been the most cultivated grape variety in the country.
Argentinean white wine produces a unique combination with spicy food and Thai dishes. It also pairs well with Northern Argentinean food, such as the typical empanadas and corn stew.