Buy British White Wines

Once regarded as something of a laughing stock in the winemaking world, British white wine is now having the last laugh, with a large variety of whites of a quality that have put Britain firmly on the world wine map. Struggling with an unhelpfully cold climate traditionally has meant that British wine makers have struggled against countries which are favoured with warmer climates. However, the warmer British summers over recent years and raising temperatures due to global warming have encouraged grape growth, and it is estimated that this will only increase as temperatures continue to rise.
The limestone chalky terrain of Sussex, Kent and other areas of Southern England are suitable areas for growing grapes for white wines. The Wine Standards Board recently announced that there were just over 350 vineyards producing wine throughout England, the largest of which is the Denbies Vineyard in Surrey, which has 265 acres of vines.
British white wine is commonly zesty, with soft rich apple flavours. Britain now produces world ranking vintages which beat competition from better known European vineyards.