Cypriot White Wines

Cyprus is one of the oldest wine making countries in the world, and the modern face of Cypriot wine is similar to Crete and Sardinia as it has seen more of the New World Wine style creep into its production methods. To make the most of Cyprus’ ideal hot and dry wine making conditions, the island’s wine companies are bringing in wine makers from Australia and South Africa, where they are well accustomed to making wines in such hot climates. Until the end of the 20th Century, most of the wine from Cyprus was made in the southern port cities of Paphos and Limassol, which meant that the fruit had to travel long distances in the heat which had a sometimes detrimental effect on the quality of the end product. Things are improving now though, and there is a new raft of Cyprus wineries that are growing their own grapes. Most of the white wine is made from indigenous local grapes such as Xynisteri. International varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay have also been planted. Most of the wine comes from the indigenous Xynisteri grape, which produces a fresh and crisp white, which is best drunk young.