Buy Greek White Wine

Much of the world’s knowledge of Greek white wine begins and ends with retsina, the popular white whine which is famously flavoured with pine resin. However, things are beginning to change as the Greek white wine market is beginning to catch the attention of New World wine merchants, without sacrificing their traditional methods and style. The great crispness of Greek whites makes them natural partners for seafood, and now wine growers are learning how to maximize the potential of their indigenous white grapes. By combining ancient knowledge of mountain air, and that it is better to pick the grapes before they reach full ripeness, the Greeks are making crisp whites that are perfect with a Greek mezedes and seafood. One of the best verities on show at the moment is moschofilero, a variety from the central Peloponnese that creates orange blossom scented whites which are exciting on the palate, light and airy with the perfect levels of acidity.