Hungarian White Wine

White wines vary greatly from region to region in Hungary; some are fresh and aromatic while others are fresh with considerable acidity and well-bodied. White grapes which originated in Hungary are locally known as Ezerjó, Hárslevelű and Irsai Olivér. White wine grows so well in Hungary due to its perfect climatic conditions. It is home to Europe’s largest fresh water lake, and many of the vineyards are in the surrounding regions. Hungary’s most famous wine region is called Tokaj, and is situated in the foothills of the Zemplén Mountains of the far north of the country. The area has long, warm autums and mists that come from the River Bodrog, creating perfect vine growing conditions for deliciously crisp white wines. This is where the best known Hungarian white, sweet Tokaji is grown. Dry selections include Furmint, Gewürtztraminer and the almost unpronunceable Hárslevelű. These wines are drinkable proof that Old World tastes can still flourish in the New World market.