Buy Portuguese White Wine

Portugal is home to an array of indigenous grapes, and thanks to year round sunshine, these make deliciously fragrant dry whites. They are usually of a modest alcohol level, and adapt well to a wide variety of menus as well as making great aperitifs; the grapy scents which come with dry whites such as Muscat are great with asparagus. Whites from Portugal have only recently made their way into the New World wine market, and now they are one of the most exciting white wine producers in the world. During the 70s Portugal’s reputation was damaged by a throwback of cheap acidic whites from the northern Vinho Verde. However, now Portugal has managed to shake off this image, and are producing great whites in the north. Both the refined and resonant Casa de Senra Loureiro and Soalheiro Alvarinho are the produce of Portugal’s northern climate. It is the use of indigenous grapes which helped Portugal recover its image as a white wine producer. A popular grape is encruzado from the central Dão region, which is the grape behind some of the finest whites in the world.