Buy Romanian White Wines

Romania, which is situated between Hungary and the Black Sea, finds itself at the geographical crossroads between Central Europe and South Eastern Europe. With Ukraine to the north and Bulgaria to the south, there are certainly Slavic influences, yet the name Romania hints at a stronger Roman element in the country’s history, which is too often overlooked. Given this strong Southern European influence in Romania’s past, it is no surprise that wine cultivation plays a huge part in Romania’s cultural makeup. Today it is the favourite of the nation’s alcoholic beverages, despite the thriving local beer industries. Romania’s culture and location make it ideal for white wine production, and by using elements of historical knowledge passed down through generations along with New World methods they have secured their whites on the market. The Feteasca grapes (both Alba and Regala variants) are Romania's most widely planted and account for a substantial proportion of the country's white-wine production. Romanian 'Riesling' is more likely to be Welschrieslingthan true Rhine Riesling, although Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Muscat (Ottonel) and Sauvignon Blanc are reliably identifiable.